About Us


METTLE FILMS was born with a vision of telling simple, yet thought-provoking, insightful & inspirational stories about people, places and events that have social relevance.


GURUCOOL is a tribute to all my teachers & teachers around the world.

It is a conversation with Indian educators about the 21st century education system. We hope to answer questions like: What is the true purpose of education? How do we extrapolate the future of education in this age of digital revolution that is moving technology ahead of people? How can education become a flourishing experience for everyone? Movers and shakers of Vadodara (also known as Baroda) city in India share their experiences, their aspirations and how they are impacting the shift.

Why Vadodara?
Vadodara (Baroda) has always been home for me because that’s where my roots are. It is where most of my teachers, now retired, still reside, and whom I had an opportunity to meet after nearly two and half decades. All that nostalgia sparked my curiosity about the current education scenario. It made me wonder if things had changed with time. The prospect of introducing my hometown to the world, which is a perfect fusion of small-town charm with big-city vibes, was exciting for me. Above all, Vadodara has a rich educational heritage so it seemed like an ideal setting to discuss education.

Writer & Director

Sangita Iyer is a multi-talented personality. Besides being a wife and a mother, she holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and is a certified Positive Psychology Educator. She recently soft launched her very own transformational education institute with the vision of helping individuals and communities thrive by applying scientific principles, strategies and tools of psychological Well-Being. She is a certified Adult Educator and has been an Instructional Designer & a Learning & Development Expert in the corporate world for more than a decade. She is also an advanced Feng Shui Consultant, a Board Member for Basis India that equips at-risk youth with learning pathways to improve their future, and an upcoming Documentary Filmmaker.

Sangita has been a national field hockey player and continues to be an ardent sports fan. Those who know her say that she possesses an incredible sense of humour, is a fantastic cook & a chai addict. Besides being a movie buff, an avid reader, and an animal lover, she has recently commenced vocal training in Indian classical music. She rocks an attitude of gratitude and credits the unconditional love & support of her Family & Framily (her friends who have become family), for where she is today.

She says, “ I fortuitously realized my calling & purpose in life while facing some very unexpected painful circumstances. I choose to be a go-giver (instead of a go-getter), by making a difference through my work, in whatever capacity I can. My hope is to combine my life lessons & work philosophy with my unique skillset to make meaningful cinema”.